Bwin has replaced Betfair as the primary sponsor of Manchester United, the most valuable sports franchise in the world. The move puts Bwin in front of millions of eyes every week on television and social media.

There’s no official word on how much Bwin is paying for the deal, but it’s likely in the millions. Currently, Nike is paying around £23.5 million a year to supply the club with uniforms, while AON insurance pays £20 million for a shirt sponsorship.

No matter what Bwin winds up paying, they’ll likely get their money’s worth. Just last week Forbes magazine declared Manchester the most valuable team in the world. Forbes estimates the teams’ worth at around $2.23 billion.

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What They’re Saying

As is normally the case in these situations, both Bwin and Manchester United were both full of praise for the deal o their respective web sites. Here’s what the Red Devils had to say:

Two giants in the world of sports coming together to start an enthralling partnership. From now on, bwin is Official Online Gaming and Betting Partner of English record-holders Manchester United!

And here’s what Bwin had to say on their site:

…with Manchester United, has enlarged its international sponsorship portfolio… Manchester United is famous for its international fan community. The club has more than 25 million friends on Facebook and over 200 official fan communities in 24 countries. continued the statement.

Bwin joins forces with Manchester just as their currently deal with the second most valuable team in the world, Real Madrid ($1.88 billion), is set to expire. That deal runs through end of 2012. The global gaming giant is retaining sponsorship deals with Portuguese League cup  and already sponsor the Italian Serie B.

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