In July, Bodog announced that it was going to leave the United States online poker market behind for the time being. This officially happened on December 14. However, this idea did not last long. Instead, Bodog has rebranded its service which is now known as Bovada Poker.

The new service will continue to be operated by the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group.

Players outside of the United States are unable to experience the new service. Instead, Bovada Poker is only accepting US based players.

As a player, your old Bodog account will be not affected. Instead, all bonuses and account balances will be automatically transferred to the new Bovada service. This also includes usernames, passwords, and player notes. That being said, players are required to re-download their existing poker client.

The same “changeover” is in place for affiliates. In short, all existing players will be migrated from Bodog do Bovada with affiliate tags in place.

This rebranding effort is expected to have a number of benefits. Above all else, it will help increase the number of players on the Bodog Poker Network. This will help the company keep volume high, something that the company has had success with since the shutdowns related to Black Friday.

For Americans with a Bodog account, including players and affiliates, the transition to the new Bovada Poker was smooth and error free. Players have nothing to worry about, as the company has done an excellent job transitioning all necessary information to new accounts.

The new site is located at It is thought that the Latvia domain level was chosen as it may “trick” some players into connecting the site with Las Vegas.

Bovada Poker is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada.

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