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Amaya Raided

PokerStars parent company Amaya had its Montreal offices raided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as part of an investigation related to its acquisition of the Rationale Group.

So far, Canadian authorities are being pretty tight-lipped with regards to the raids saying, “Yesterday’s operation is part of a AMF investigation on that company. I can’t go further for the moment.”

For their part, Amaya officials say that they’ve been cooperating with authorities on the matter for some time.

Shortly after the raid, a company spokesman told Forbes Magazine, “To the Corporation’s knowledge, this does not involve any allegations of wrongdoing by the Corporation…the investigation has had no impact on Amaya’s business operations, employees or companies.”

So it’s just, you know, your average police raid for no reason that’s not really impacting anyone or anything at all. Nothing to see here folks.

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