The new iPhone 5? Image via Mashable

The digital innovation media site Mashable reported Monday on iPhone 5 rumors including a slideshow of pictures containing what is rumored to be a prototype of the next generation device.

Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 5 along with the new iPad mini and iPod nano on September 12. It is rumored that the iPhone 5 will then be released for sale to the public on September 21. Apple has not confirmed any of the widely rumored debut and release dates for iPhone 5 only referring to a mysterious “fall event”.

iLab Factory, an electronic repair shop, has posted several images of what is thought to be a prototype of the iPhone 5. Ten images of the device are hosted in a slideshow at Mashable. It is thought that iLab Factory’s images are legitimate as they may have access to early prototypes of the device.

Reeling Off Rumors

The amount of rumors and speculation surrounding the iPhone 5 is enough to make one’s head spin. In the interest of brevity, here are a few of the more popular rumors summarized:

  • Mobile service provider Sprint could receive exclusive access to the device after entering into a $20 billion, four-year deal to to sell iPhones
  • Larger 4.0 inch screen with taller, thinner housing
  • Headphone jack moved to the bottom of the phone
  • Two-tone gray and black casing
  • Smaller dock connector (rendering previous-generation docks useless)
  • 4G LTE connectivity

Until Apple actually releases the iPhone 5, it’s hard to know for sure what rumors to believe regarding the product. The company has even gone so far as to hire a security firm to help them keep company secrets pertaining to the device under wraps.

One thing is for sure: Apple continues to be a cultural phenomenon as dozens of tech blogs and mobile marketing gurus pour over every tiny detail surrounding their next product release. It’s sure to generate long lines of anxious customers outside of stores where the device is sold, whenever that will be.

Have a look at a video by iLab Factory featuring a deconstruction of the housing of a device that is thought to be the next generation iPhone:

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