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An excerpt from “SEO Expert Roundtable: How Affiliates Can Recover from Google Penguin.” A streamed recording of the full webinar is available free of charge to newsletter subscribers.

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Hit by Google Penguin or are you just curious how to navigate the latest algorithm update by Google?
In the SEO Roundtable we conducted last week, we hosted 3 SEO experts as they discussed some of the burning questions the iGaming audience has regarding Google Penguin.
This all-star panel, including Bastian Grimm, Kay Schaefer and Dave Snyder shared their opinions on some of the major burning topics regarding “the Penguin,” including how to handle being penalized; what to avoid in the future so you can mitigate Penguin’s next update and if old-school link development is dead
Webinar guests had the chance to ask the panelists their questions about SEO and Google Penguin in our extended Q&A session.

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