Industry analysts predicted that mobile online gaming would grow significantly during 2011 and there is solid evidence proving it to be true. . That’s why it’s crucial that all branches of the online gaming industry, including affiliates, start considering what the next step is in heading this direction.

Software developers have started making their amenities available for mobile users worldwide. Smartphones like Blackberry and iPhones lead the market, and software developers have already launched applications compatible with those mobile software platforms. Last week, news broke that two of the biggest software developers, Mobenga and Microgaming, launched applications to make online gambling software compatible with the new sensational smartphone OS in the market, the Android.

Mobile Software Updates

Wherever you are in the world, you may have already heard the Aussie online gaming crowd singing “Oi, oi, oi!” at a very high pitch, as the Swedish company Mobenga created the mobile compatible software to support Australian online sports site Sportsbet. Mobenga’s mobile gaming platform had already been extremely successful in Europe, and the company decided it was time to make it available in other regions of the world.

“With smartphone penetration in the Australian market at 37 percent and growing, developing a mobile platform to suit this demand became our top priority,” said Raymond Smith, the mobile manager at Sportsbet.

Microgaming, a titan of online gambling software development, also decided to launch online gambling Android compatible software; they recently released their own Android platform with eight games, and 20 more waiting to be added before the year ends. They have gone the extra mile, as they offer extremely secure online banking and new games from their vast catalogue will be added automatically to the phones, and of course the software comes with Microgaming’s signature of elegance and high functionality.

So, Is this Good or Bad for Affiliates?

This is great news for affiliates! If you are thinking that as online gamblers can access online gaming venues (casinos, sportsbetting sites, poker sites, etc.) directly from their phones, your website will lose relevance, you are on the wrong train of thought. Growth in the online gaming industry is beneficial for everyone.

Affiliates must not forget that the deals they offer on their sites are not available directly on online gambling sites, online gamblers still need your codes and references to boost their bankrolls and make their online gambling experience more enjoyable. Online gamblers usually aware of this, and if they are not, curiosity will eventually lead them to sit on their computers and do some research when they have the time. Therefore, you can expect growth in the amount of visitors to your site and you should be ready to engage them with great promotions, bonuses, and offers.

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