A/B testing, or split testing, is a simple way to test changes to your web page against the current design and determine which version produces better results. Determining what page works best on your site is important for many reasons—retention and conversion being the top two.

Here is a breakdown of A/B testing and how to use MaxA/B for WordPress.

The Basics of A/B Testing

Start with your original web page—the page whose content you want to test—then create alternate versions of that page (two or three is usually a good amount). From here you can change the content of the page, the design, layout, navigation, etc.  Now, direct traffic to your original page and your alternate versions, and use an A/B test to see what users respond to best.


WordPress plugins developer Max Foundry has released a free plugin—MaxA/B—to perform A/B split testing on WordPress pages. The plugin allows simultaneous experiments on three variation pages, plus a control page and a conversion page for each experiment. Metrics and other statistical data are calculated in real-time, and your pages to be tested can even can be on a completely different site/domain.

Tip: Use the MaxA/B plugin to perform split tests on your WordPress landing pages, squeeze pages and sales pages to determine what platform/style works best for your affiliate business. 

How To Use MaxA/B in WordPress

  • Click on the MaxA/B settings on the left-side of the admin panel.
  • On the Experiments tab, click the Add New button.
  • Fill out the form and click Create.
  • If the conversion page for the experiment is on another site, be sure to follow the instructions on-screen.


Are you going to give MaxA/B a shot? Do you think it’s worthwhile to have A/B testing built into WordPress with a plugin, or are you happy conducting A/B testing on your own? Comment in our forum here

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