Selling digital products on Facebook sounds like a great idea, until you actually start trying to make it work. Even though there are millions of people on Facebook, they are not at all preconditioned to click your affiliate links, so you need to get creative to convince them to do so. Here’s what you can do:

Publish Short-form Content and Images

It’s a web-wide fact, but even more so true for Facebook: people don’t like to read.

They’d rather look at, or scan, or glance at. So your job is to make your updates byte-sized and easy to consume.

The best way to achieve this is to publish one paragraph of copy at most (along with a call to action link), or use images altogether, with just a link as the description.

You can try meme-styled images, success images, product-in-use images, people, etc. Experiment as much as you can. Facebook will let you know how many people each of your posts reaches.

Those links above your images can be affiliate links. If you’re not boosting the post in any way, Facebook has nothing against it.

Offer Something Exclusive

One of the main problems with brands and websites trying to capitalize on Facebook traffic is that they have very little to offer people who connect with them on the platform.

In other words, why would anyone want to like you on Facebook? What exclusive offer do you have for them, or what exclusive perk?

The sole fact that you’re there, won’t be a good enough reason for people to click the like button. Unless you’re Coca Cola.

Find the Best Time of The Day to Post

Unfortunately, there’s no one time of the day that is the most effective for all industries and all niches. What’s even more interesting is that the most effective times of the day can differ from fan page to fan page in the same niche. It’s all about your specific audience.

That’s why you need to experiment, and the best way to do this is through a tool like Buffer. Use their great reporting feature to identify the times of the day that get the most engagement for your page.

What About Advertising?

The way you can use Facebook ads here is to boost the results you’re already seeing organically. Take the approaches that are working for you (times of the day, types of posts, etc.) and send some more people to them through ads. This is often the best method to multiply your results.

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