There are many ways in which you can do marketing work and planning for your affiliate business. One of the better ones, though, is to take a look at the current stats and predictions, and then build your operations according to the things that are actually going on.

So today, we’re taking a look at 14 interesting stats in marketing.

1. The majority of the U.S. population uses multiple devices to access the web (currently at 54%)

What’s even more interesting is that when it comes to accessing the web via mobile devices, most users do it via custom apps instead of using the web browser. Investing in app development obviously pays off.

2. Customer data is largely wasted (around 80% of it)

Gathering data about your customers’ behaviors is surely a good practice, but what’s even more important is putting this data into good use.

3. Big Data technology on the rise (around 27% compound annual growth rate)

Big Data is on its way to surpass $32 billion in 2017 making it a force to be reckoned with.

4. Mobile traffic plays a big part in the overall traffic numbers (28% in Q3 2013)

It’s not only that mobile traffic is on the rise (together with the overall mobile usage for that matter), but also that the growth is currently at 67% year over year.

5. Mobile ad revenues on the rise as well (145% is the second half of 2013)

It seems that advertisers have finally found a way to make mobile ads work. If you haven’t tested this space yet then it’s about time to do so.

6. Internet advertising revenues on the rise as a whole (15% increase year over year)

In Q3 of 2013 the number was $10.7 billion, which is a new record for any recorded quarter.

7. Fraudulent traffic still a threat in 2014

What’s even worse is that the amount of wasted dollars in 2013 (due to bot traffic) is estimated at $9.5 billion.

8. Content marketing still the most trendy marketing method

Actually, the majority of marketers (71%) plan to continue increasing their content marketing investments.

9. Huffington Post continues to grow their native advertising revenue

The number that’s reported is 47% year over year growth. Maybe you should look into native ads as well?

10. Tablets are the new “default PC”

The PC market is hot right now with tablets becoming the new go-to device. It’s estimated that tablets account for 50% of the PC market.

11. Digital magazines continue to provide good user experience

The average subscriber spends 50 minutes in each digital issue of their favorite magazine.

12. Everyone’s on social media

Actually, it’s reported that as much as 73% of adults online use at least one social networking site.

13. Online reviews matter

The great majority of customers (88%) admit that online reviews have influenced their purchasing decisions.

14. M&A transactions are the new way of scaling businesses

It’s been reported that 854 M&A transactions were completed in 2013 (inside the media sector).

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