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Would you take back Grand Prive’

bonustreak asked 3 years ago
IF and that is a huge if, Grand Prive’ were to come to their senses and realize that they were in the wrong for screwing over the affiliates would you market their brands again?
5 Answers
GamTrak answered 3 years ago
This is a hard one only because I no longer trust them to not do this again in the future, but I need the revenue from the player base that I’ve generated over the past four years with them. If I could understand why they made the decision to close the affiate program it would be easier to vote, but I’m usually willing to forgive one HUGE mistake if asked.

Being that we have no regulation in igaming or legal recourse then what do I have to lose that I’ve not already lost?

I would work with them again if I got a higher rev share than I had in the past, but would not do a media buy unless they let me average my past earnings and pay that rate.

KasinoKing answered 3 years ago
As above really – yes I would give them another chance if, and only IF they fully appologised for their howling error and restored everything back to how it was before (i.e. ALL affiliates get ALL their players back with NO loss of income).

A second chance – yes, of course.
A third chance – forget it! :madat:

Daera answered 3 years ago
I gave them chance after chance. They’d really have to pull some amazing rabbits from their hat to gain my trust back now. I had several years of trust built up with them, and it all went right down the toilet after this last move. Not to mention what they did to Irwin.

Inspiration answered 3 years ago
1. Correct your mistake before the end of this year or at least make a plausible attempt.
2. A full statement that they will restore all lost revenue and players attached to affiliates.
3. Apologize to all.
4. Employ a good affiliate manager we can trust
5. There is no 3rd chance to say sorry.

There is a bit of hope but lets wait and find out.


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bonustreak answered 3 years ago
6. Tag every single player back to me that you have untagged and removed over the years as well.