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Do you blog?

Engineer asked 2 years ago
Do you use a blog to promote online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, etc?
15 Answers
scoutmaster022 answered 2 years ago
I’ve just recently started blogging and so far I think it’s going well.

Market Junction answered 2 years ago
I blog as well–on different topics.

But enough about me. :bath:

4flush answered 2 years ago
I blog also about poker and my personal experiences playing. I will put a banner up of where I am playing at the time, good reload bonuses and text links here and there but mainly just my ramblings.

betprize answered 2 years ago
I don’t blog yet, but I think it is a good idea. I have just recently started. Would like to have it in the future.

Greek39 answered 2 years ago
No blogs, never will. I like things simple. greek39

TheGooner answered 2 years ago
Blogging IS simple mate. That’s why there are zillions of them.

But I agree – I tried to for a while … but frankly it’s boring to write about whats going on around you. And most blogs I find are boring to read too.

I read an article somewhere recently that we’ve finally reached the blog “event horizon” and more blogs are discontinued every day than are being started now.

Blogging has become mainstream, commercial and corporate with advertising being the driving force and as such all the “cool people” are dropping it.

These days blgos are either 6 weeks old with no-one reading them … or 18 months old with no posts in the last month.

You can give it a trendy word … but blogging is still just reading the dull diary of a person who should get a real life.

Dominique answered 2 years ago
If you blog smartly, it can help you a lot in the engines.

You need, as with websites, real content that will interest people.

You need to involve others, to comment on your blogs, like a message board needs people. Monologue is boring.

Blogging is a very good vehicle for lots of things, but it takes self discipline to write regularly, and it takes real, interesting articles.

It is perfect for those who are not good at building websites, it’s much simpler and can get you just as far.

I am fairly new to blogging myself, and I went to Vegas for a lecture on blogs. I blogged about it here:

This short blog is a good example of what works to attract comments and what doesn’t. The two entries that aroused interest are personal opinions.

Of course you have to know what you are talking about, but there is lots of room to talk about personal gambling experiences that will arouse interest.

I am not at all surprised at the big shake out in blogs. Talking about what you had for dinner last night is just boring to all but yourself. Creating an interesting and dynamic blog takes a lot more work than most people are willing to invest.

Market Junction answered 2 years ago
A blog is just a website and a way to organize content. It doesn’t have to be boring crap about your personal life.

For example, I chose the blog format for my Wise Bettor website. The blog format makes it easy to add content, the content is SE friendly and it has everything I need.

The whole blog is a personal journal thing is old hat. It’s a good way to layout and organize content. Word Press is the best, in my opinion. Once you learn how it works, you can really customize it to create your own unique website–if that’s what you want.

Smart and successful business people everywhere are using blog software for their content rich websites.

webber286 answered 2 years ago
Blogs are good for creating a simple website that will get decent PR in a hurry, and has a unique IP to boot. I have one blog that is more or less junk content, bonus promotions and the such, but is over 50 pages with most of them being PR4. Have another blog that is unrelated to gambling, but is specific to a topic I am passionate about. That one gets decent readership and has become a part of the community it is involved in. For business purposes, there are many positives to blogs, some on the SEO boards suggest creating many blogs that link back to your sites.

Jimboau answered 2 years ago
I dont mind blogging, I find it quick and simple to my message across and is valuable to us. It is one of the main things I like to do on my site. Plus it put a bit of personality in our site. We do post about casino and poker room deals and sometimes we use it to announce that we have added new content to our website.