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Would You Click on Competitors Adwords Links?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWould You Click on Competitors Adwords Links?
bingodude asked 1 year ago
Would you click on your competitors adwords links so they get charged and make no money?
12 Answers
michaela26 answered 1 year ago
Its a bit scary paying $4 per click for some keywords and having to worry about click fraud on top of that! Organic results are the way to go, there are too many nasty people around these days sadly.

Omer 3D Poker answered 1 year ago
@bingodude 230187 wrote:

If you change your IP by resetting your internet connection then Google would think the IP is coming from a different PC.

Dude, there are fine apps who do this for you without the need to reset your internet… (I use them to check rankings in other markets than where I’m located, so don’t think I’m using them for this purpose:angel

I just replied on another thread regarding plagiarism. When I noted this pole I realised that whilst I never clicked on a competitor’s PPC ad, and don’t plan to do so in future, if I happen to come accross such an add for the site who stole my article (before I started to make sure that my articles are immidiately indexed) I will have no moral problem with wasting their money. Is it so wrong of me to feel this way? As a content producer I hate those thieves so badly! :madat: