Where you would send the traffic?

tomtom24 asked 8 months ago
Now with the actual case of casino coins this question is coming up for me again.

Casinorewards offers the possibility, to redirect your US traffic to a site you set up. This can be another own landing page or a competitors casino.

Now for Casino Coins I use for most traffic redirects. So it would be easy to change this redirects. But where to send the traffic to?

To another (competitors) casino

Pro: the visitor decided already to visit a casino and will be redirected to a casino, where he can sign up for an account w/o problems

Contra: the visitor will be sent to a site, he not decided to go to

To an own landing page

Pro: you’re very honest with that visitor

Contra: He would have to click again to another casino

All the time I ask myself, what could be the best solution. So what is your opinion?

4 Answers
Caseym answered 8 months ago
I will explain rather than redirecting, otherwise your whole site will just look spammy

michaela26 answered 8 months ago
I’m just going to replace my old casino coins links with affactive.com links. They seem to be doing really well in the USA market, and are a pretty trustworthy casino brand.

tomtom24 answered 8 months ago
@Caseym 228359 wrote:

I will explain rather than redirecting, otherwise your whole site will just look spammy

I agree with this statement. It’s also my opinion. But sometimes I ask myself, if it probably could be more effective to send this traffic straight to another casino.

But at the end you can turn it like you want: it’s disappointing anyway, to loose traffic in this way.

casinobonusguy answered 8 months ago
Since we have quite a large network we are doing redirects right now but in process to update and remove all Casino Coins content.We have decided NOT to replace them with anyone else and just drop the number of casinos down on the site as we already work with all the good ones.