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How to Deal With Content Theft?

bingodude asked 1 year ago
If you post an article lets say on Ezne and someone uses that article without the resource that is against Ezine’s TOS but what can be done if the site that steals it has no contact page? Surly they are not allowed to do this?
3 Answers
Play answered 1 year ago
In that case, look at the brands that the theif is promoting.. contact them and ask them to have him remove it.. I have done this before and usually programs are receptive to helping in that respect..

You can also report content theft to google.. I have never had to do this but from what I have heard they do have a system in place…

Dominique answered 1 year ago
You can also contact their host.

I usually do the following:

Contact aff programs
conact host
contact google, yahoo and bing
You may also be able to send them a note via their registrar

bingodude answered 1 year ago
It has happened in the past and I have left it, it does not really effect the original article as it ranks higher in most cases, but that is not the point and I hope overs would agree here.

If I contacted the hosts would they actually do anything?