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Which Poker Room would you send a player if you had a choice?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhich Poker Room would you send a player if you had a choice?
kdollar asked 3 years ago
What poker room do you like that pays you well and you think converts with the traffic you send it.

OOps I forgot to add….I had that in mind while doing this….If a moderator could add them that would be awesome…

19 Answers
aleph answered 3 years ago
Truly fascinating how most of the original pioneer casino affiliate programs

missed the poker boom.


nick777 answered 3 years ago
No love for Planet Poker, the first online poker room in the world

I didn’t vote, not to sound stupid, but i think it would depend on the type of player i am sending

Poker Stars is the best room for me, since i am a tournament player, and often referred to as tight, but for guys like some of my buddies who are loose table players, and whose bankrolls fluctuate irratically i would say Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, since they usually offer the best re-up bonuses

I was a little bit disturbed to find out that my bonus $ was not being payed out by Absolute Poker because i was playing tournaments only, i was also not accumulating player points, not a problem for some players but a big problem for me, needless to say, that is not the case with Poker Stars, i am referring to Sit n Go tourney’s.

peterlam answered 3 years ago
i just like send my player to pokerstars

pearlgaming answered 3 years ago
My personal favorite is Bet Fred Poker

Professor answered 3 years ago
The above votes are really no longer applicable as I am sure many of us would have changed our minds based on todays market conditions.

My answer would be “The Rooms That Accept and Support US Players”

Vrindavan answered 3 years ago
then start over a new poll ?

Professor answered 3 years ago
Anyone who wants to is welcome to do so. I think its a good idea…

darko123 answered 3 years ago
mine is – you just got to love that 40% comission

I try to send low limit players there(well for starters they dont have much higher limit traffic games) but i seem to find players who deposit low amounts $25 – $100 here can gernerate VERY high rake % to there deposit.
for example alot of $50 purchasers can generate $30 in rake within a few days just on that one deposit

Where at absolute who i like very much too has a much lower rake % to deposits – as i think 1/2 are most tournamnet players and they must be rubbish too as they keep depositing some have deposited $2500(ave 3 deposits) and only generated around $220 in rake – then i only get 25% of that too.

Also as prof is saying – my main 4 promoted rooms all accept USA players

darko123 answered 3 years ago
well, i’ll tell you who i wont be refering anymore……. Ultimate Bet

After having many emails and posts in the UB forum here about my players depositing lots of times and yet it says i earn NO revenue for them……i finally got told that UB do not pay comission on tournament fees – although i cant find that ANYWHERE on there site or T&C :nono:

Ok, Rant Over