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What’s most important in an affiliate program?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat’s most important in an affiliate program?
ActionGold asked 1 year ago
What do your look for when you decide which program to sign with?
9 Answers
Fergie answered 1 year ago
#1 for me is fair gaming and excellent customer support to the players on the part of the properties promoted.

For poker programs, its the stats and player incentives.

lots0 answered 1 year ago
What I consider the most important in an affiliate program…


Greek39 answered 1 year ago
Honesty is all I want as well. I hate the “rat back” idea. Some get some don’t idea iis a real bother. I steer clear of nonsense such as this. greek39

DaveP answered 1 year ago
Seems like Stats and Info was the winner,

Do you feel the indepth stats have to be online, or would you take a summary online and have a detailed report emailed to you say, weekly?

peralis answered 1 year ago
I have seen a few polss which are similair to this one, but the problem with polls like this is that you will not know what you are getting UNTIL AFTER you have actually signed up at the program.

Personal Service – dedicated affiliate contact – mostly all programs will start off like this – only to leave you disappointed eventually. Or they go overboard where some managers think that you WANT to be phoned on a regular basis.. I don’t unless it is extremely important.
Payouts on Demand – setting your own payday – Ok, this one may be in their Terms or on the “Why should you sign up page”
Stats and Info – getting the most from your campaign – the stats area can only be seen after you have logged in. Stats is a personal thing. If the stats that you are getting is enough for your purposes, then they are good. If they track properly, then good.What can happen with places that offer “in depth” stats is that they go overboard with it and it gets really annoying trying to figure them out. Especially those programs that log you out after a while for some strange reason.
Special Promotions – sign-up or purchase bonus – If you mean that affiliates get special offers to give their players, then this is generally only done once you have started promoting a place. Special promotions is something that you may or may not get. That will depend on what type of results you are showing and how well you are doing.
Marketing Material – banners and content – Even if it says so on their sign up page, often you will be disappointed or impressed after you have logged in to see what is on offer.

I voted for the special promotions offers. That does not mean that I will not promote a program that says no to me, but I would like to know if they were open to these ideas at all and would be willing to discuss the option. To me that would show they are willing to try things and listen to the affiliates ideas.

But essentially – this would be more a “Do I CONTINUE promoting a program or not”.. not a should I sign up or not.

Dominique answered 1 year ago

Especially those programs that log you out after a while for some strange reason.

Yep, that is very annoying.

I like special promos. Sometimes I do base decisions on the availability of special promos.

ActionGold answered 1 year ago
Hi Peralis,
You are absolutely correct, what you are going to get from an affiliate program is not going to be known until you join and have dealings with them. There are a lot of differing preceptions about the affiliate programs out there, and these usually end up in the “Watch Out!” thread. I, as an affiliate manager, read a lot of these threads to see what affiliates are complaining about and to keep these out of my service as much as possible.
However, I also need to see what affiliates are looking for. The internet and technology are changing and so are the players. I want to make sure my system keeps up with the needs of the affilaites and provides tools for you to make the most of your business.
I realize that polls are a very flat way to gather information, but forums like these are great places to plant the seeds and see what comes up. However, this most likely won’t be the last poll from me, as a matter of fact I am thinking of the next one right now.

Thank you and everyone else that has commented so far. I will continue to personally answer every email sent to me and will keep the stats to one page.

Good luck to all your players!
Affiliate Coordinator

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Speaking about Action Gold in specific, you have fast and courteous affiliate contact and that does count for a lot.

aleph answered 1 year ago
The most important thing for me is lower commission rates …

most are way too high.