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Which Microgaming affiliate program is most profitable for you?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhich Microgaming affiliate program is most profitable for you?
Engineer asked 2 years ago
As a casino affiliate, which Microgaming affiliate program makes you the most money each month, on average?
16 Answers
TheGooner answered 2 years ago
I can’t vote … I’ve not promoted a MG casino yet.
But I’m watching guys and girls …

Tell us who our first one should be ???

antoine answered 2 years ago
One main problem with this poll is that some affiliate networks have more casinos than others. For example, it’s pretty obvious that even with poor conversions referback is going to earn more with 8 poor casinos than Roxy could with 1 good casino.

Scandle5 answered 2 years ago
It’s seems the results are all different but from this whole yr,
I have to say FA.

Cheers :drunk2:

Scandle5 answered 2 years ago
the results are obvious about Golden Star Network
, Money Mechanic. What’s going on with them? If they want
more help from the affiliates, don’t they have to pay legit? opcorn:
I marketed Money Mechanic for one whole yr and did not even make a paycheck. Trust me guys, I had them everywhere in my forum. :hmmm: I gave up on them. :nervous: :beatup:

Scandle5 answered 2 years ago
I mean, even referback sent me couple paychecks. This is the same with Casino Profit share for me 2 guys. :hmmm: I don’t know what it is, but my stats are not moving from them. :beatup:

Anonymous answered 2 years ago
I had similar experience with profit share and MM never did enough to warrant keeping them listed either, although I gave them more tries than most: I just couldn’t make money with them.

Cut your losses and move on. I SOOOO wish I had taken that attitude much earlier in my days: if I had; you’d not hear me bichin’ about places like Focal as much as I have.

I must have given them half a dozen honest tries over the years for reasons too many or too forgotten to list now and I’d sure have saved a lot of wasted traffic and time if I’d just given them a couple months to prove themselves and move on but I kept telling (kidding) myself that it was wiser to keep them listed as a “service” to my surfers.

Variety is only great when its all good! IMHO if there is something wrong with a casino: or its aff program; that has anything to do with raising questions about integrity … time to move on to that wide variety of programs still out there that does complete the whole picture.

And though you may not ever know it, the time will come if not already: when you will lose a quality player, perhaps a whale; to that program you kept up for “variety”, where as otherwise; they may have signed up at a place that actually shows you a decent income on a regular basis the way any of us seasoned vets know it should be.

betprize answered 2 years ago
I totally agree with antoine. You can not objectively compare huge sharks of the business who have many popular casinos with small guys who have one or two. Besides, it is not only the number of casinos per program that influences the rating, but also the number of affiliates per program. Some small nice programs could have easily been on top of the list if not for the giants with their huge number of casinos and high overall popularity (btw, not necessarily well deserved- the crowd instinct!).

Anonymous answered 2 years ago

but also the number of affiliates per program

I’m not sure that holds water because all it would take is one person to have voted for said program, and that program’s % would have gone up to something besides zero.

I mean doesn’t that make sense?

I do agree that it may not be fair to judge programs both small and big; by one lone concept but I think it does moreso accomplish what I’d like to know the most which is who has the best bottom line for people?

I bet if another poll was run which asked everyone to vote their top 4 or 5 producers, that the programs which you now see in the lead, would again hold those spots though perhaps in different order.

Just looking at the ones with the highest %s, it all makes perfect sense to me. They are also (for the most part) the programs which I run in my best spots, and likewise the programs with the lowest %s are programs which are no longer found on my sites.

Coincidence? I think not.

it’s pretty obvious that even with poor conversions referback is going to earn more with 8 poor casinos than Roxy could with 1 good casino.

I agree with that statement if the exposure were the same for all properties.

However I am holding back on that a bit because …. for instance in my case, its whatever casino is making me the most money at the time, that gets the most exposure. Its sister sites will of course be included on my sites but seldom to the extreme amount of exposure as does the money maker of the bunch. So in my case the one casino could actually compete against 8.

A pretty good example might be Wagershare which although they have a couple of casinos; Spin Palace blows away RF to the point that I hardly notice RF is there. And in fact in recent months I’ve begun just taking down RF banners as I come across them because it has had ample time to prove itself yet it is a consistent disappointment.

but anyway Spin Palace makes a ton more money for me that does for instance Fortune Lounge, and although they no longer enjoy similar exposure, they did at one time and it was the one property, Spin Palace, that remained while all …. what is it? like 10 or 15 Fortune properties all fell to the wayside due to lack of performance.

And believe me I tried and tried to get Fortune off the ground because I very much wanted to affiliate with them but I just seemed to get slapped at every turn for my troubles and finally gave up.

betprize answered 2 years ago
Quote-“I’m not sure that holds water because all it would take is one person to have voted for said program, and that program’s % would have gone up to something besides zero.

I mean doesn’t that make sense?”
I am a beginner in this business, just recently started. But I still think that this poll is not objective. How can one say that for example Red 32 is underperforming ReferBack? In absolute numbers represented by the poll- definitely! Relatively- absolutely not! Simply because out of 40+ affiliates participated in the poll how many do affiliate with Red 32? Maybe, and quite possible- none. How many votes can we expect from 0 participants? Did it happen because the Red 32 program is such a poor performer with low conversions? Show me the proof! There are so many very good responses about the program on different affiliate forums. Does the low vote number tell me that a program is underperforming because every affiliate has tried it, became disappointed and left it, say for ReferBack or Wager Share? Not at all! Not all popular things in this world are necessarily good and profitable.

By the way, ReferBack was one of the first casino affiliate programs that I myself heard about when started to look for a partner. Does it mean the program is so good? I do not buy it.

Bb1web switched from ReferBack to WagerShare. Some other affiliates would have done the same. But how many are still staying with a program that underperforms? How many have 10 pages devoted to the ReferBack’s casinos and 0- to the Red 32 ones? How many can not tell that a program is a poor performer just because they have nothing else to compare it with?

Regarding ReferBack. Everybody around (including bb1webs) is complaining about the program, the quality of their service, etc. Look at the chart with the poll results- ReferBack is still the leader! Do the results show us the real picture by stating that ReferBack program’s performance is 7 times better than the Red 32 one? If someone would follow the recommendation of the poll, then he surely should sign up with ReferBack!

I just wanted to say that this poll does not show us the real picture because there is much more that you need to read behind the lines of numbers.

Professor answered 2 years ago
Betprize the poll is a sampling of opinion by affiliates and webmasters which participate in it. It is informal and is not meant to be a yardstick by which programs are measured.

32red is a FABULOUS program and is very well respected in the both the player and affiliate community, it is however relatively new to US affiliates, and I believe the poll results reflect this.

Its not a knock on 32Red in any way. I bet if we run the same poll next year after US affiliates have had an adequate chance to evaluate the program and build up a player base then the results will be much more favorable to 32Red.