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What’s your favorite gambling game?

Randy asked 3 years ago
Curious about what the active gambling webmasters on the board play when they play. What’s your favorite?
28 Answers
antonym answered 3 years ago
assuming i am in a real/brick ‘n mortar casino, it’s craps all the way!
… only game that gives you value for money over an extended period of time. i’ve lost so much at blackjack in just minutes. at least with craps i can spin my bets in such a way that i don’t run through hundreds in minutes!

hoLkaPoLka27 answered 3 years ago
What I get out of this poll is what I believed before the votes. That is, people gamble at games where there is need of some skills so you eliminate the bad odds. Game slike roulette is pure luck whilest blackjack poker videopoker requires knowledge and with that you are better off winning.

Now slots.. eh, I LOVE slots. I guess it has something to do with the graphics. Ive heard there is ways to maximize your odds playing slots too, one is to keep playing at one and not change slots every 10 bucks. My personal belief is that bidding high coins increase your chance to win.

But you must know when to stop, as all games.

heimdall answered 3 years ago
For me it has to be Texas Hold’em shorthand, no-limit. There is no better feeling than bluffing your way to a big pot.:happydanc
I also enjoy blackjack in real casinos and online blackjack tournaments are also a lot of fun.

ReDRulvl answered 3 years ago
As a child, my dad would take me to the horse races every weekend. I love watching the horses, and picking a “lucky” horse for him to parlay. Now days betting is much more complicated, and rumors of deception between jockies and trainers has mostly ruined it for me as an adult.
On Nov 11 was my birthday, so my loving girlfriend took me to Reno. We arrived at Boomtown first as a stretch and isser: break. I picked up a cool $100 while my honey wasn’t looking hehe. So we headed to Circus Circus next for a good time. Every slot machine I touched hit a bonus, while every machine she played sucked, so we were basicly even at lunch time. We headed to The Peppermill next to check into our room. Very nice. I love Peppermill. They sent me an invitation to stay the weekend in a nice Spa Suite, and gave me free $200 to play table games. (Players Club Cards are worth having) The dealers are the best at Peppermill, very active and social. They even attempt to remember every players name while they deal. “Magnificent” is what I would say, about how they treat customers.
As a casino dealer by trade, I have a passion for BJ. I have never won any amount greater than $1000, maybe due to my inability to press it up while I’m hot. When I was 19 years old I was introduced to Indian Gaming in California. I knew right away that BJ was my game, and I could most likely do it better than these guys working here. So I got a BJ Dealer job with the natives for ten years. I currently deal poker now (the tips are much better) for over 8 years, but every chance I get to deal BJ is great fun.
BlackJack however is much like an ex-girlfriend (with benefits). The game is happy to see you when it’s bored and lonely. Invites you in to have a good time, screwes you and then you leave. So hard to resist that temptation, will always be my bankrolls death.

LadyHoldem answered 3 years ago
haha lmao!

Professor answered 3 years ago

I remember voting in this poll ….

LadyHoldem answered 3 years ago
well you see.. what actually happens is.. these polls that exsisted on CAP b4 I did, are just not valid.. How could a vote.. without my opinion in it be trusted <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> that means that someone just has to find them and bring them to my attention <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

teheheheh <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Professor answered 3 years ago
They dont expire per se, but they do disapear from the screen when you browse the site.

What I believe is happening is a large percentage of people use the SEARCH function rather then just browsing CAP. During “search” all threads are examined including the dinosaurs.

Obviously we want to keep the older material avaliable for research. The result is oldies get bumped back up occasionally.

ntaus8 answered 3 years ago
I like RTG’s new Caribbean Hold’em and Slots.


LadyHoldem answered 3 years ago
I’m all for the poker baby! But a game of Acey Duecy.. with house rules of course.. is fun now n then <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Heya Prof.. isn’t there a way to make these things expire? Allthough I do think it’s fun when they pop up again hehe <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />