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Do you promote sportsbooks?

Simoneaton asked 2 years ago
I am interested to know how many CAP members promote sportsbooks (US facing and other).
10 Answers
GamTrak answered 2 years ago
I don’t aggressively promote any sports book, but if I have a sponsor, like Intertops, that offer the service then I’ll make an effort to post seasonal promotions (that they email) me on the site.

Once online sports betting is (if ever) <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> regulated then I’ll definately spend time and effort in that area during football season.

Simoneaton answered 2 years ago

Interesting comments, and it would be nice to see the day when online sports betting along with casino’s are regulated correctly.

Some of the bad apples (books) in the past gave the industry a bad name but I still see many affiliates from all over promoting US facing sportsbooks.

faststeady answered 2 years ago
i have 3 sites and 2 are sportsbetting ones only and the 3rd is prodominantly sports with a few pages of casinos

i actually have good success with the sports from the start so stick with that

Simoneaton answered 2 years ago
Do you do well with casino’s as well?

faststeady answered 2 years ago
not really, but i dont do any work on them , although im building a few new sites that have a casino/ slots focus

note your sign up page doesnt work in IE btw, when you click through to confirm it doesnt go any further

Simoneaton answered 2 years ago
That is wierd as we have had a ton of affiliates signup today, and I am no wondering how many of those I lost <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> after all my effort I am heartbroken.

Email me and I will set you up, and I am testing the forms now.

Simoneaton answered 2 years ago
Just did a test on and it went through sweetly.

Unsure why it does not work for you.

I used IE as well.

faststeady answered 2 years ago
managed to sign up fine , not sure what happened the first time

where do i find sub-aff links in the banner management ??


casinobonusguy answered 2 years ago
we work with sportsbooks ,most we work with dont take usa players though.Our websites with sportsbooks also have poker,casino and bingo sections too.It is diffiuclt to find good content writers for this niche ,wish there were more.

Simoneaton answered 2 years ago
We accept US players but you are right in saying many have started to block US players because of the uncertain legal climate.

Content writers in the sports betting market exist and are around. Doc Sports uses some good writers as well so you know they are around.