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What make the players play at the casino?

jment asked 1 year ago
For your opinion, what is the thing that attracted the players played at the casinos you promoted?

Casino software?
No deposit bonus?
Deposit bonus for high match like 200% and above?
Other deposit bonus?
Low wager requirement to cash out the bonus?
Professional portal/site review?
Fast payment?
Payment method?
Others? (Please brief)


12 Answers
aksana answered 1 year ago
I think all type of bonuses, fast payment, good review and something else (I forgot it sigh.gif )

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
Hi all,

I think this is probably not a very good poll for the reason that you must ask yourself what kind of player am I seeking?

The answers to your questions would vary greatly in such matter.

a quality player who spends considerable amounts and has any savvy …. will seek a casino that has ultimate customer service …..

which is what i seek.

They will (and rightly so) expect such service as say … they have a slot game freeze up and in their opinion … got cheated out of the amount it cost to make that spin.

It does NOT matter whether they were right or wrong. …. for this kind of player ….. You automatically give them the money back / the extra spin.

quite simple really but I’m constantly amazed at the small-minded thinking that goes on behind the scenes about such matters.

Now this is the truth and you tell me it makes sense: as casinos offers a 200% bonus …. say on $50.

a proven quality player has a spin on a slots game freeze up which amounts to $25. The player … although wrong …. contacts CS and says he was cheated out of the $25 spin. The casino writes back … you were not!

Now I ask you? is that player going to walk away thinking …. this place rocks! they gave me back the money (that in my mind) I had lost …. without any hassle. Or if denied: is that player not going to walk away feeling cheated? all over less than half the money this same casino is willing to give a bonus of 200% to bring in a player that in all likelyhood … is not going to prove be as good a player …. as the proven quality player has been.

Now is that good business?

and then (some) casinos have the gall to bitch about bonus abuse. So to sum up …. they set themselves up for enticing bonus abusers ….while literally :bullshit: on proven quality players ….. or at best .. put them thru the ringer before the player is satisfied.

In which case whether the player gets the money back or not …. they’re not going to be satisfied. $25 means nothing to them. They were obviously willing to spend in on a 1/5 of a second slot spin. Do you really think they’re going to be happy having to spend 15 minutes climbing thru their play history to find the instance where (in their mind) they were cheated out of the spin?

its insane but it happens almost 99% of the time.

I know ……I’ve had it happen to me.

Now here’s the real kick in the butt. in the instance where I was asked to climb thru my play history to find the spin/game in which this happened .. I could simply log out – delete the casino … download another one … get the bonus offer …. and perhaps ….. just maybe .. find a place that acts like it appreciates the $1000s of dollars i spend there every month.

vd752 answered 1 year ago
the opportunity to win money

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Different players respond to different offers.

The kind of offer you present predetermines what type of player you attract. So does the way you present it, the look and feel of your site, and the name of your site.

All these things will appeal to some people and not to others.

Appealing to the type player you would like to see is where a lot of the marketing skill comes in.

It all has to come together to target your chosen group.

donnajyc answered 1 year ago
Software, deposit bonus/promotions, good review and deposit methods.

No one likes glitchy software, as the Professor elaborately pointed out <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Newer players I think look for a great deposit bonus

A great review I think is the most attracting feature

Viable deposit methods are a must.

I must agree with the Professor, it all depends on the player. Experienced players definitely want excellent customer service. If a casino offers several e-mail options for cutomer support, they’re most likely to offer at least fast customer support. If they supply an e-mail address for a floor manger, specifically used for when the regular support offered is not satisfactory, you’re more likely to get your issue resolved to your satisfaction. However, as Professor pointed out, this is long, annoying, and can cause the player to go elsewhere.

While speaking of support, I’d like to rant a bit about how I don’t like Live Chat Support in most cases. I suppose it depends on what you’re asking. When I’m writing a review for a casino, if they don’t list information I need, like who/where they obtained a casino license from (this happned to me just yesterday), Live Support usually fails to answer the question. 50% of the time you get irrelevant canned responses. When you do get a live response, the person usually can’t answer the question. If I couldn’t find it on their web site, they probably can’t either…:slapface:

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
Hi Donna.

Well I’m I can only assume you were speaking of my post when you referred to the Prof … (praise for being associated with Caesar)

if that’s the case (or not) I cannot agree more about live support. In most cases .. they don’t know jack about any situation and rarely even have the endorsement of their superiors to comp a player that should be comped regardless of their complaint.

somebody spends $1000s of dollars a month ….. THAT customer is right! regardless of their complaint. Anybody who knows anything recognizes in almost all cases regarding such a player … that they’ll make the money back in no time.

sadly ….. most don’t have the sense to see the big picture.

I’d like to add that in the few instances where such a player is recognized immediately and made happy … they almost insure they’ll have that player for months if not years ahead.

Satya answered 1 year ago
For new players

– Free spins/ no deposit bonus
– Good sign up bonus with clear wagering requirement
– Good Software
– Monthly reload

For old players

– Regular events & promotions
– Effective Support
– Fast Cash outs
– Multiple and convenient deposit options
– Loyalty program
– Comping mechanism (Most casinos have a complex metrics for the comp payout. But basically it boils down to adding money to the player’s account based on his net loss and game play in a previous time period. This has to be bi-monthly or at least monthly)

Steve has rightly pointed out “somebody spends $1000s of dollars a month ….. THAT customer is right!”

The existing player is most valuable and needs to be taken care off. Solving his problem or issue is a basic necessity. But reps shouldn’t hesitate in comping a token amount in order to keep the player in good humor. Most players know the casino wins at the end of the day and the probability of getting lucky and winning is rare. But they would stick to a casino which they think has taken care of them well.

Anonymous answered 1 year ago
Hi again all,

God bless you Satya ….. not for agreeing with me …… but for recognizing the importance of

The existing player is most valuable and needs to be taken care off. Solving his problem or issue is a basic necessity. But reps shouldn’t hesitate in comping a token amount in order to keep the player in good humor. Most players know the casino wins at the end of the day and the probability of getting lucky and winning is rare. But they would stick to a casino which they think has taken care of them well.

you’ll go far in this industry if you’re willing to back up such a statement with your time when ……. the time comes that you’re asked to address such a situation …… and you do so in a timely fashion. ……

btw: … in regards to such matters ….. hats-off to Renee of Rewards Affs who has at this very instance …… been doing just that for me and the player I am representing.

donnajyc answered 1 year ago
oops, sorry bb1web, yes I was reffering to you in that post. Don’t know why I thought it was The Professor *smacks self in forehead*

Satya answered 1 year ago

All that I have mentioned is from past experience and what I used successfully when I was managing retention (3 years back) for a group of casinos for one of my previous employers.

And it had worked wonders for the casinos in retaining players. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

This is very true for the case which Steve has mentioned. A complaining customer is more likely to be one of your most of your loyal customers if his issue is dealt with effectively. These things don’t cost much. If you consider the entire scheme of things, comps will be the lowest expenditure in the list. Most players just switch and don’t bother to complain and operators brand them as low value players.

And at times these players are categorised as bad source of traffic and very conveniently the affiliate :crazy: is blamed for not getting good quality of players.