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What´s in a letter?

Goldfinger asked 1 year ago
So if you own and optimize and rank well for the term “onlinecasinos/online casinos” will you also more or less automatically rank well for “online casino”.

In some cases I guess the “s” version may be more desirable as the search volume for that plural may be higher sometimes as I suspect to be the case with as opposed to casinogame. Some food for thought.

Thanks for your input.

4 Answers
answered 1 year ago
It is better to have the plural but this will vary between SE’s. It is more likely to have more effect on the singular in Yahoo and MSN than in Google which seems to treat plural and singular very seperately, plus it puts more emphasis on individial pages across a domain. So in essence, yes it will help a bit, but ideally you will have pages on your site targeted at the singular version also.

Goldfinger answered 1 year ago
Just to double check would you prefer to own or

hoLkaPoLka27 answered 1 year ago

Goldfinger answered 1 year ago
I guess I will have to research the seperate keyword volumes for the plural and singular to be sure.