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keyword domains…

casinotime asked 2 years ago
So many, SO many are owned but are parked and not developed… so today i found available and bought it since its a popular keyword….

According to overtures network alone approximatly 21,000 searches. So i think it has good potential if optimized for searchengines…

What do you guys think? anyone have a .cc that ranks well? really, the extenssion should not have an impact.

interested to know what you guys have experienced,

5 Answers
Doolally answered 2 years ago
I can’t see why a .cc wouldn’t rank well. I’ve seen them do well before.

Goldfinger answered 2 years ago
If your content is good and optimized for your keyword then it should also rank well. I´ve got a related question here by the way sigh.gif

answered 2 years ago
One of the factors in ranking with domain names, in Google especially, is the relevance of the TLD to the local market. For example, if you have, you stand a better chance of ranking in then That’s not to say you can’t it’s just slightly harder.

So with a ccTLD like .cc, if there isn’t a “local” Google for the domain, or the registrar isn’t based in a market with a dominant lcal Google, then you have a better chance of ranking. So in that respect, .cc is quite a good choice, although a .com or .net may well be slightly easier to rank with in An example might be – .io is Indian Ocean, but there is no local Google for that. However the principle registrar for .io is UK based so there is a chance that it will do better in than

Of course no-one knows exactly how Google’s algos work, so the effect might be minor, but it is still regarded as a strong theory.

bonustreak answered 2 years ago
lol sorry meant to post a new thread:tounge2:

casinotime answered 2 years ago
Thanks you all for your input. Simmo, i noticed in your signature you have have you been getting lots of traffic for that keyword? perhaps more from msn and yahoo?

It would be interesting to know how the domain is doing <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I had some knowledge of the effect of theserver location on the ranking for a particular country <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />