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Greek39 asked 2 years ago
I will try and make this short. Last month I was in positon 25 on yahoo and indexed properly. About a week ago my whole site was wiped off the map at yahooligans. I have sent them 20 emails and no response in a week. It took me a week just to find out who to submitt my questions. I am steaming all my work down the drain. So I am looking for gif images on yahoo the search was gif images, simple, I got casinos mixed in with gif images, what the connection I don’t know. The arrogance and self serving attitiude of yahoo is just plain nasty. I give up a B.A and degree and I my site gets kicked out. No more school for me I refuse to learn the volumes of games and tricks yahoo puts on webmasters. Yahoo forgets where they must place their loyalty. I am pissed, I quit. No offence to any forum members you are all great people. Proffessor and the administators of this site keep up the terrific work! isser: