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Site just for Yahoo / google indexing

TOG asked 1 year ago

As seen in my other posting our site seems to have picked up a ban from Yahoo as they removed many of our pages and now just index the index / css file.
My question is if it would be worth buying another URL, using the same content and submitting it just to Yahoo?

Another question is , can I be sandboxed by google and still have my index indexed ? Google seems to be caching my site once every 3-4 days. Am I banned / sandboxed?


3 Answers
webber286 answered 1 year ago
Not sure about the benefit of starting up a brand new site just for Yahoo, you risk a duplicate content penalty in Google if you do it. Unless of course you don’t plan on having any links pointing to the new page (how Google will find you), in which case you won’t rank anywhere on Yahoo anyway.

As for the sandbox, you can have your entire site indexed by Google, be a PR7 and spidered a few times every day and still be in the sandbox. The sandbox is just a filter that is triggered that doesn’t allow your site to rank well for highly competitive search terms. In the scenario I just described, you would rank very well for non-competitive terms.

TOG answered 1 year ago
Do you think we are banned by google than? if it keeps caching the site but just lists the index page ? We have around 40 pages of content now.

Dominique answered 1 year ago
Hey guys, I am moving this in the SEO section.

Talking about Yahoo – it seems to have been going through some sort of dance last night. I was bouncing all over the place for a while there.