Poll: How Many Websites Do You Own?

JillO asked 8 months ago
Just curious with our entrepreneurial spirited community out there, how many sites do you own & operate? Please share on our Poll Here.

It’s tough to find the right balance. 1 site is totally enough work to manage, maintain and grow to be above and beyond a full time job. But, it’s so important to always have a Plan B and diversify yourself. Just curious to know what the “norm” is out there to keep the best balance.

22 Answers
1331 answered 8 months ago
Only one site (affiliate) is more then enough. Have some other non-affiliate sites though.

Zoorana answered 8 months ago
Only one at the moment, although it feels like a hundred at times.

Working on publishing two more sites and i can only imagine the workload they’re gonna give. But i’m looking forward to that though. Pretty exciting somehow.

Rak answered 8 months ago
@Zoorana 232902 wrote:

But i’m looking forward to that though. Pretty exciting somehow.

Its good when you get that buzz for a project. Today I did a massive content page which i want to go viral for my site. It’s got videos and stats, and everything that my target market would love! I’ve just to keep it going day after day.

casdirss answered 8 months ago
I’ve got about 6 main websites, and a couple more in progress. If I could go back and start over again, I’d probably have a maximum of 3 websites. It would make life so much easier <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

jopaa answered 8 months ago
I have 5 casino websites (only 2 of them bring me some money) and almost 30 adsense sites that earn me from 1 to 25 euro /day each. It is very hard to keep the casino websites updated and rank all of them. With the adsense websites is another story, after you rank them on first page and you have some steady organic traffic, you can leave them and pass to a new project and only make one update a month.

gstarr answered 8 months ago
im running my first now, and i think it better to keep on one and promote it well, then 10-20 websites with low quality.

Caseym answered 8 months ago
only two at the moment… so many ideas for more but so little time :/

Rak answered 8 months ago
I was a 5-6 sorta guy, now I am bringing it back to just the 1.
And from there having as many feeder sites as I can get!

How many domains do I have.. all thats just another question which I hang my head in shame over. I said I wouldnt buy domains this year.. and I did.

jen100 answered 8 months ago
5 websites but only focus on 2 of them

LandofOz answered 8 months ago
Nowhere as many domains as I used to have many years ago.