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What attracts / retains big players?

JackTen asked 3 years ago
Hey all,
I’m reposting this message (from another thread) because I feel like it’s interesting and useful, but it didn’t generate answers.

Speaking of big players..

What incentives attract them and retains them? Here I mean in terms of casinos, not attracting them to your website. I was trying to think “If I was playing high stakes poker, blackjack or sportsbetting.. what would I want from a casino?” and I couldn’t find great answers.

For poker, higher rakeback (I know rakeback doesn’t have a good reputation here, and I agree, but objectively that’s what you’d want as a player). Points store? Not sure if they care about that much, even though buying a porsche with points must be cool.

For casino.. tougher, here I don’t really know..

For sportsbettors, at first I thought game tickets but then again, if I was betting hard I wouldn’t need a casino to give me tickets anyway.

Anyone has ideas? affiliate managers?

4 Answers
Focal answered 3 years ago
I think personalized attention to player’s needs go a long way in retaining players. I know the customer support team at Omni Casino,, and work very hard to personalize the gaming experience. This means finding and keeping players with frequent comps and frequent emails and phone calls alerting them of the latest promotions that would be of interest to the players. If the player is a Slots player and the casinos have a new slots bonus, a personalized email alerting the player of this is sent.


Professor answered 3 years ago
Excellent Poll

In my experience whales prefer personal interaction and service. So my answer mirrors Focal’s response. Affiliates can and should make an effort to do this whenever possible with all their players.

geof answered 3 years ago
Operators usually have VIP managers to personalize care to high stakers, and specific CRM is undertaken. So we do the job to retain and maxime player value for affiliates.

Affiliates can find way to give extra value to players; it’s not necessarily via material stuff. It can be via a community you animate on your own site, fresh content of your own, etc…

JackTen answered 3 years ago
My question is related specifically with these operators, not affiliates. What do those VIP program managers give as incentives?

Remember, the terms and conditions are supposed to disallow affiliate incentives. Even though we all know most of them look the other way as long as breachers bring in players.

I guess I’ll refine my question. I know someone who drops 10k everytime he goes to Las Vegas, playing slot machines. Every year, one or two casinos invite him to come over and stay for free etc.

I’d like to understand how big players are treated online, to both attract and retain them.