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APCW Poll: Will Legistlation Pass?

Integrity asked 3 years ago
Will we see any online gambling legistlation pass in the United States within the next three years?
1 Answers
4flush answered 3 years ago
I voted yes, without a doubt BUT I do think it will be positive, not negative.

I saw an article in a press release, real long but starts like this:

States are more addicted to gambling revenue than ever as the lure of easy new money for schools, tax relief and public services has led to an explosion of state-sanctioned casinos, slot machines at racetracks and lottery games.

Twenty-five years ago, gambling was legal in only three states. Now every state except Utah and Hawaii rely on gambling to generate revenues to help avoid raising taxes.

Even our Gov’t with it’s blinders on can’t over come this. As soon as the general public is made aware (Makes news!) I just don’t think Congress will have the support to make a ban on online happen. Now the big casinos are making a little noise that they want in on the online action, that will be a lot of lobbying money!