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What are you looking for when you pick an affiliate program?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat are you looking for when you pick an affiliate program?
AlexAR asked 1 year ago
As affiliate manager we are very interested in knowing what kind of features are more important for affiliates when choosing any affiliate program, this post will be helpfull for all the aff programs from CAP!

All invited to bring any thoughts!

25 Answers
uyur answered 1 year ago
Top 5 For Me

1-Ease of usability (I must be fast, I dont like graphical stuffs)
2-Product/Promotion (It must be costumize)
3-Update frequency (Realtime stats)
4-Reporting tool (We need all details)
5-Payment Options

KasinoKing answered 1 year ago
Well I voted for the last two options, but the most important thing was missing from the poll IMHO;
How they treat their players is my primary concern.
I don’t care how flashy their banners are, or how big a % they offer me – they MUST be fair to players & pay them quickly when they win.
Players are what support our whole business, not the casinos.
No players = no business.


vegaspundit answered 1 year ago
Hi all

Apart from making timely payments, which is surely number one in list of criteria, when choosing which programmes to promote…

… I think the mark of a good affiliate programme is one that gets back to its affiliate emails/messages in a timely manner. This show commitment to keeping affiliates on-side, and also shows dedication to effective communication… which in turn maximises profits for all involved.

As affiliates, we’re enthusiastic – so affiliate managers should be too!

I’ve promoted a few casinos in the past (which have since made it onto the list of non CAP-endorsed programmes) which never got back to me – 3 days, 10 days, a month after an email or phone message…

JillO answered 1 year ago
I think there are several elements that affiliate programs deemed as a quality one:

1) Obviously fast and timely payments (no hassle would be nice!)
2) Experienced management- solid team of AM’s and execs that know the business
3) High converting brands/ competitive payouts/ high converting marketing materials
4) Trustworthy stats, reporting and tracking

What program(s) are you working with out there that you feel can deliver these to you consistently?

xecutable answered 1 year ago
There should have been an option, all of the above. The first thing I am looking for is security when it comes to me, my payments and earnings. I look around the forums, if the program has affiliates that complain from it and I checkout their terms in agd.

If everything seems all right, I proceed with checking out their bonuses and offers for the players. If everything is all right I give them a shot and now depending on how well they convert my traffic I either decide to stick with them or let them go.

Manager support, emails and general attitude towards me also matters once we have started to do business. I do drop ignorant Ams that take weeks to deliver me a simple gif banner or anything of that sort. I believe that both parties should be putting effort no matter how big or small either is. If you don’t think the affiliate is worth it, just don’t do business with him/her.