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how long have you been a gambling advertiser?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & Surveyshow long have you been a gambling advertiser?
Rak asked 1 year ago
how long have you been a gambling advertiser?
15 Answers
gillamano answered 1 year ago
3 years started off with a make money website. Converted really well until my traffic sources stopped coming through.

baldidiot answered 1 year ago
Less than a year. Although I did have an aff account around 4/5 years ago with one player on it – does that count :laugh:

dolfan20 answered 1 year ago
Ten years and the industry has changed a lot. and not necessarily for the better. There are a ton of scammers out there. beware.

michaela26 answered 1 year ago
I’ve been an active gambling advertiser for the last 5 years. The industry sure has changed a lot in that time, but its still a pretty amazing job, love doing it <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Warren answered 1 year ago
12 years strong. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

xecutable answered 1 year ago
Close to 2 years, still in the process of learning.

I can’t say I am “in the biz”, but perhaps around the front door <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />.

tomtom24 answered 1 year ago
9 years now promoting. Plus 2 years before to learn all the basic stuff (to understand how it works, html, etc.), but with many breaks in this 2 years as internet was really expensive that time.

I still remember some of my friends: they were laughing about me when I was sitting at the computer the whole day and tried to learn, while they were making party. After the first bigger success (hitting $5.000 profit) they suddenly were not laughing anymore but asked me to borrow money.

In 2006 I found out, that my hoster was redirecting my traffic from some areas around the world to his porn sites (I found out, because i wanted to check my sites when i was in Asia). After that he locked my whole account and tried to blackmail me: Euro 10,000 or I won’t get back anything. My problem was, I couldn’tgo to court because that server was in Germany and promoting online gambling isn’t allowed there anyway.

I promote online casinos all the time, but 30 % of my time I spend for different projects as I guess there will still come many changes for the online gambling industry which also will effect the opportunities to promote.

However, internet for me personally was the greatest thing that could happen. I live from it and I also like to live somewhere else then the country I was born. So this is just perfect for me: I enjoy this work, and it makes me a great life as well. And I can live nearly everywhere I want and still be independent.

casinobonusguy answered 1 year ago
Eight years for me and hope I make it through another eight years!

Rak answered 1 year ago
@casinobonusguy 228412 wrote:

Eight years for me and hope I make it through another eight years!

Lets do it together.. I think I’ll be here till the day I die. That’s .. 60 years. Forum post count. 10trillion. haha