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Google PPC back for UK affiliates

brean78 asked 1 year ago
Hi all

I have just been reading that Google has opened the doors for UK affiliates to conduct PPC campaigns on Google UK. Affiliates were not allowed to do any PPC back when the ban was lifted in Novemeber, unless they could prove they were whitelisted. But, it appears that this has now changed and Google have allowed affiliates in as well.

Has anyone started any new campaigns yet or tried out the new income access tracking tool?

3 Answers
fintan answered 1 year ago
Affiliates have to go through a google approval process before being allowed to advertise.

Jamie answered 1 year ago
Hi Brean78

That is correct Google have amended their policy to allow affiliates to bid on keywords. As an affiliate you will still have to get white listed by Google’s Policy team as Fintan has mentioned.

In regards to the Income Access agency we are taking affiliate applications. As described in previous posts the advantage of going through our agency is that affiliates will be first to market.

This has huge advantages as affiliates will have access to cheaper keywords, heads start on the development of a good Google Quality score, which will give the affiliate many benefits over affiliates that were late in starting campaigns.

We will also provide assistance with your campaigns. So if you are new and want to get into PPC then you should get in contact with us.

If you are interested, then send me an email today as the opportunity of being first to market is closing fast.

GaryTheScubaGuy answered 1 year ago
Hi Brean,

Yea that happened when I was at the A4U summit in London…big news for license holders.

I’ve been speaking with a few big license holders about getting Google to loosen up on Affiliate endorsements to allow them to bid since 10-15% of their business will always come from Affiliates but Google is being stubborn.

They’ll come around though.