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What are you looking for when you pick an affiliate program?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysWhat are you looking for when you pick an affiliate program?
AlexAR asked 2 years ago
As affiliate manager we are very interested in knowing what kind of features are more important for affiliates when choosing any affiliate program, this post will be helpfull for all the aff programs from CAP!

All invited to bring any thoughts!

25 Answers
Anonymous answered 2 years ago
what the old salts have to say about it is what I look for. If they’ve got a bad rep … its unlikely I’ll even consider them.

CasinoBonanza answered 2 years ago
For me the most important factor in choosing which Casino to promote would be a high Conversion Rate, but as you wont find that out untill after you have started promoting it, then the thing which catches my attention initially would be a high Rev Share/CPA rates!

1999rob answered 2 years ago
fast payments, communication and player value …<span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Kat BE answered 2 years ago
It’s still the affiliate who chooses how to prioritize. I don’t know what kind of service and terms the different casinos/bookmakers have, but I do know that they can’t have it all. And that’s my point <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

hoLkaPoLka27 answered 2 years ago
Not at all MR KAT.. cause when casinos delay payments it creates frustration to the player. casinos themselves are fast game payouts so that means even slot players want fast payments.. alladins gold and all the rtg software casinos are crap as they delay payments and require you pictures of your birth to be able to send you money.. microgaming with fast payouts are after my involvment in the industry the best.

Kat BE answered 2 years ago
I think it depends on the games they are playing – for each kind of game, there are different factors.
For tipsters it might be fast payment and payment methods, where it for slot players might be Free Money/No Deposit Campaigns.
Difficult to make a simple solution, it depends, as affiliate you need to make a suitable choice.

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Dominique answered 2 years ago
Well, if players don’t like it I won’t make money and it will drop off my site anyways.

CharlesWF answered 2 years ago
This is a great question and i think many affiliates choose which programs to promote on the wrong factors.

In my experience you are going to make the most money promoting the best products.

You can have fantastic sign up offers, great commission rates, fast payments, 100s of payment options, fast responses on emails etc etc but if the product sucks and your players dont like it, dont use it repeatedly, you wont earn long term.

fancywoods answered 2 years ago
Sir, I can not aggree more with your view that – No players = no business.

And we’d better show the players what they wanna know or what they dont know, as an insider of online casino,
can you show me your opinions about this one? thank you.


zaraza answered 2 years ago
I think good bonuses for players mean a better conversion, thus more revenue..