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CAP Magazine Poll – Top Things Webmasters Want – Your Input Needed!

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysCAP Magazine Poll – Top Things Webmasters Want – Your Input Needed!
Professor asked 1 year ago
Guys we are getting our articles together for the next edition of CAP Magazine and we want your input. Please list the 10 things you value most when choosing an affiliate program to work with.

Bear in mind that everyone in the industry will be reading our final selections and your input can make a huge difference, so please throw you two cents in.

In the past my list included:

1. Accurate statistics and reporting.
2. Program must generate competitive monthly earnings comensurate with the levl of exposure I provide them.
3. Prompt payment of commissions earned.
4. A responsive and proactive affiliate management team.
5. A responsive player support/retention team.
6. A good reputation within the player and affiliate community.
7. Fresh and attractive advertising creatives.
8. Competetive player promotions and bonuses.
9. New games regularly added to aid in retention.
10. CAP certified program and active within the community.

2 Answers
Doolally answered 1 year ago
All I’d like to add to the list above is, “give us as much information about new games, promotions and news as possible.”

A site that provides me with details about what it’s got going on gets more exposure as far as I’m concerned.

Give me info I can whip up an article on or post in my news section makes life easier for me and gets the affiliate program another page on my site!

ntaus8 answered 1 year ago
I would also love to have notification when casinos add new games.

Specifically, re RTGs, I have to maintain software for my repped casinos on my desktop (or at least for each company) and, when new games are issued, physically go there, check if they have them, and get my screenshots and review info. I have NEVER received new games info from RTG casinos apart from the occasional announcement with no details and then they wait months to put out banners. Only previews on sites.

Another pitch a bitch is that all brands don’t keep their games list up to date. I’ve spent hours trying to find out what games even MG casinos are carrying. So frustrating for keeping reviews up to date. The only option is to write to every one and ask for a games list which, in the case of MG, is out of date next month.

Shouldn’t have to download the software just to get that information.