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Warning To All Webmasters: BAD SEO Campaigns Currently Running (You May Be Affected)

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Search Engine Optimization – (SEO)Warning To All Webmasters: BAD SEO Campaigns Currently Running (You May Be Affected)
whs-web asked 1 year ago
Ladies and gentlemen of the good life,

I hope all are doing well. I have however some bad news:

Someone is performing BAD SEO on a lot of us!

(What is bad SEO? A person or persons could spam crappy links in the thousands to kazillions of crap sites of his choosing, possibly causing a TOTAL red flag from Google for the site he targets, resulting in a ban, resulting obviously in pure chaos for you, the hardworking webmaster.)

Here is where it gets interesting: Just recently I discovered ‘someone’ posting bad crappy spam links to one of our online casino domains.

Having had a manual can of whoop ass from Google before, we are watching everything like a hawk. The manual ban had cost all of our traffic and income from this site, talking thousands of $ per week.

Our old and premium website went from ‘expensive bouquet wine’ to ‘tanked old rusty submarine’ in days. Going from thousands of visitors per day to… None.

We worked for months to get this manual ban removed. And, we finally did too.

Just a few days ago however, on my daily tour around Google analytic, I started to notice the new and strange ‘trackbacks’ as they came up.

You can check yours on

Here are several examples I discovered so far. And, there are many, many casino sites being spammed here, possibly yours too:

Just copy ‘n paste, and scroll down to see the flood of spam comments below.

* End stinking spam report.

What to do?

I am not so sure. I personally made sure to ‘disavow’ *( those links, so that we won’t receive yet another manual ban. I think you should do the same.

Should we report spam to Google?

Good question, I am not so sure of the answer this. I would go to disavow the links instead. If Google handles ‘spam reports’ automatically, just in case of if, then all the sites on those ‘spam sites’ could possibly be noted as such as well.

So, no. I do not think we should report these links as spam.

Disavow those links within Google

I think this is the best option personally. This way, the sites these links are spammed on get devaluation instantly, meaning they can not harm your site. Second, if enough of us do this, it shows Google we are serious about our business, AND, those sites with spam get deleted from Google all together. Spammer sad, we happy. And, that is why I posted this.

I am sick of those fools.

In case you are the spammer:

If any of you is ‘doing this’ I would kindly ask you to get my domain, and all other domains that are NOT yours out of your crappy spam bot. You are SERIOUSLY harming your sites, but what is more important, you are harming us. This type of behavior is totally out of order.

For those of you who think posting these links by the thousands still work, I got news for you: They don’t. Please stop it.

It is in all of our interest to whoop these motherboard f*ckers their asses. Best way to do this is to disavow those links if you come across it.

Thank you for your time.

10 Answers
whs-web answered 1 year ago
Oh, and please do share your thoughts.. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
Thank you.

whs-web answered 1 year ago
Here is the latest:

casinotime answered 1 year ago
noticed it too, do not understand it.

whs-web answered 1 year ago
@casinotime 253992 wrote:

noticed it too, do not understand it.

It is odd, and possibly pretty damaging too. It does not stop either.

whs-web answered 1 year ago
Did Anyone else notice anything like this yet?

hany answered 1 year ago
sounds really serious guys, I hope you get to solve this one fast, nothing worse than getting spanked by google :crazy:

whs-web answered 1 year ago
@hany 254003 wrote:

sounds really serious guys, I hope you get to solve this one fast, nothing worse than getting spanked by google :crazy:

It is not just us, it might be you too.

My advise is to sign up / sign in to Google analytics and check out

There you will find all the new links pointing to your site(s)

I’m hoping to be on top of this, as in have it under control. I disavow these links as they come in.

Perhaps it won’t help or whatever other people say about the disavow tool, one thing is for sure, if I get the dreaded ‘unnatural inbound links’ message from Google, I can show them I took action INSTANTLY the moment these links popped up.

I’m prepared.

My intentions with this whole thread is to prepare others too. Or inform them.

It is not just me who needs to take action either. You should too.

Check your links, see if you are targeted too, and if you are, take appropriate action!

whs-web answered 1 year ago
Update: Wednesday 16-10
I have seen a decline in the amount of links being sent.

Hopefully there are more ‘webmasters who care’ than that there are ones that participate on trying to solve the issue.

Miky77 answered 1 year ago
Some websites are shut down I think the attack was made on 6-7/10 – here is example:
[TD=”width: 717″][/TD]

whs-web answered 1 year ago
I don’t see any more links appearing. It seems to have stopped.