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MSN Search

sharpgambler asked 3 years ago
MSN is now using the beta search as the main search system. Look at I thought they wouldn’t launch the new search as soon as they did.
6 Answers
Dominique answered 3 years ago
Hmm, my rank is ok but two casinoonnet spams above me. :huh:

Randy answered 3 years ago
I’m getting beta results here too. I’m not sure how permanent a launch this is though. Their blog indicates that they’re going to be routing their main site’s searches to the beta results more and more on a test basis before the full launch.

Classics answered 3 years ago
It’s not launched. It’s just being tested. Expect the beta results to alternate in and out with the Yahoo results for the indefinite future.

sharpgambler answered 3 years ago
But they have changed the way they implement the test. They were testing outside the main results. In order to get beta results you would have to go to Now when you search on they give you results from the beta search. Currently there are no results from yahoo or google on msn. The results are from the msn new search.

Spearmaster answered 3 years ago
I just tried it and it’s back to the old search… whew. The new search on my preferred term showed Searchfeed at #5… go figure…

sharpgambler answered 3 years ago
I’ve consistently being provided with beta results. Have a look at this article