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The Sandbox

EyesCoffee asked 2 years ago
Has anybody gotten out of the so-called “Google Sandbox”. If so how long did it take and how competitive were your keywords? Has anyone got any tips to get out quicker?
1 Answers
answered 2 years ago
I think you’re going to get different answers from different people. Most people are not aware of this to even study it. I use to read other people speaking of it being 3 months for new sites, but recently I’ve read the sandbox can be in effect for new links too. I do not know for sure. Personally, I do not believe non competitive words/phrases have a sandbox effect. But I do see it (i think) for the big ones. And even if it is a phrase, if it has one of those magic words – like casino or poker in it, it takes a long time. An example:

Well, I won’t say what it is but there is a three word phrase I am trying to get that has the word poker in it. I have had no problem getting the phrase if you drop that word out of it, and yes, it makes sense without it also. But add “poker” and I am stuck at around 150 or so. It has been probably 3 months since targeting it by getting back links, which makes me think the sandbox effect on links may be true. This site is 6 months old. I have moved up from not even being visible in the top 500 to that point, but I am guestimating that there are very few back links being counted yet for this phrase.

Wish the new MSN was live. I don’t see anything like this effect there.