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seo question

rob3786 asked 3 years ago
If you have a site for example selling hamburgers and you want it to rank for the keyword “hamburgers” if you wrote articles on which celebs eat hamburgers regularly, as celebs tend to bring in high traffic the site now gets 50000 unique visits a month mainly from the celeb articles will you rank better for “hamburgers” as your site is getting allot more traffic, does traffic help rankings?
3 Answers
Kevin11 answered 3 years ago
I’ve read googles patent docs with respect to search and as I recall they say that things like traffic, how long someone stays on your site and other visitor interaction variables do play a role in rankings.

That being said, I’m not sure that anyone has done adequate testing on this idea to really make a conclusive decision.
Kevin 11
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Gregger answered 3 years ago
I don’t have solid proof, but I have seen a slight trend in some of the sites I have worked on where they begin to climb in ranking for key terms as traffic increased even though the content was static. I think it would make sense for google to want to give higher placement to sites that get a lot of traffic. Much like a link is a vote of confidence from a website, a visit, especially one of length is a vote of confidence from a viewer. I bet the equation takes into account bounces and only gives credit for visitors who stay for at least x seconds. My guess is 20-30 but it might be higher.

scottpolk answered 3 years ago
We are know bounce rate and time on site is a factor the search engines are looking at. I have my suspicions that they are utilizing those factors in a scalable form to factor into the algo. It is simply not as black and white as s measurement of clicks and traffic to a site from the SERPs. Otherwise it would simply be a self-fulfilling prophecy and only the sites that rank would continue to rank.

You should really be more concerned with the user experience on your site and how well that traffic converts from the various referral sources. This factor in itself, if present is very minor and easily exploited with botNets and click fraud. If it is easily to game, then it will more than likely not have much if any impact

~scott polk