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Visited By A "Rippers" browser

rmeeuwsen asked 3 years ago
So does anyone have an answer as to “What is a rippers browser”

My stats program says a site of mine had been visited 5 times from “Bastrop, Louisiana, United States” using the “Rippers” browser.

Some sites say it is usually a company or a gov org using software to check on places their employees have visited. Or it could just be someone ‘messing around’.

2 Answers
JillO answered 3 years ago
Just wanted to bump this question up… Anyone have any insight?

rmeeuwsen, if you’re down, you can also post this here:

bingoadvantage answered 3 years ago
Sometimes its a service that sits at the isp or corporate network level and pre-browses / caches any static pages and stores them for a more snappy end-user experience.