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Link checker software

Buddy asked 3 years ago
Hi everyone

Can anyone recommend any software that helps you manage your links? I’m primarily looking for some sort of reciprocal link checker as I’m growing a little tired from manually checking my recirocal back links are still up!

So much to do and so little time……


2 Answers
JohnH answered 3 years ago
I use a spreadsheet to keep track of links. I have columns for the Url, the anchor text, the date added, and whether or not it is a reciprocal or one way, paid, etc. I also use a formula to keep track of the age of the link in days. By using this method you can keep up with your links and simply click the URL to navigate to the page where your link should be.

I would stay away from any software as it is such a pain to keep up with and also put’s you at risk of getting hacked.

Buddy answered 3 years ago
Yes, that’s the way I was thinking about approaching it. A little set up time but easier in the long run. :hattip: