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Google, how long after first spider?

bart3k asked 3 years ago
Hey all,

After google crawled your site for the first time how long did it take before you were actually in the google directory?

I have been crawled (all my pages I think), and just wondering if it should have been uploaded straight away or not?

How about Yahoo and MSN and the rest?

tx for any info.

3 Answers
bart3k answered 3 years ago
does no one know? <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

am getting worried… well not that worried… but a little

kwblue answered 3 years ago
I think it widely depends…

For my sites, the typical is that Google crawled. And about 2-4 weeks later (different for each site), the bot came back and crawled the full site.

To get every page listed, I created a sitemap. Others do not like Google sitemap, but it has helped my sites.

So… I guess there is no stock answer. Patience is the key with Google… and in the meantime, Yahoo/MSN both crawl quickly and list your site quickly.


webber286 answered 3 years ago
Every Google crawl is different from my understanding. After the first crawl, I would guess you should show up in the index in short order, but getting the entire site crawled is a separate issue. Sometimes Google shows up, takes a look at your home page and leaves, other times it stays to check out some of your links, other times it does deep crawls to unearth all of the pages in your site (assuming they all have a link from another page). Google will not find any pages you don’t have linked. For more advice, try