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Twitter Guide

trillby asked 3 years ago
For anyone who is interested, I’ve spent the last 6 months diving deep into how to automate Twitter and I’ve come to a solution which I can safely say, kicks butt!

I put it all together in an ebook that I’m giving away free, so if you would like a copy, PM me.


5 Answers
pokerseo answered 3 years ago
PHP Twitter class | Get PHP Twitter class at
no ebook required..
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onlinemediadirect answered 3 years ago
Is this ethical poker seo ?

pokerseo answered 3 years ago
what could be unethical about autotweeting your latest blog post title? or the latest football scores or betting odds?

as long as you’re not spamming on twitter, you can get good traffic. I am getting 8% of my traffic on one of my sports sites w/ twitter just by autotweeting particular “events”.

If you’re not utilising social media, you’re leaving money on the table. And Fwiw, automation is king imo.

onlinemediadirect answered 3 years ago
I agree on the social marketing side of things . Run quite a few studies on this.

I automate it but not using this method.

shortow answered 3 years ago
Just noticed googles added twitter posts to their serps – on Google mobile anyway. Little scroller mid page that rotates news snippets including tweets.

Any of you guys noticing Google traffic from your tweets yet?