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Guaranteed top Ranking for Casino Terms

SEOGenius asked 3 years ago
* We give a special $500 discount to any new Casino client from any package price.
we deliver top results! We have a selected group of clients.
Contact: Rob Taylor
Expert SEO Services, Search Engine Optimization, Guaranteed Top Organic Rankings.
14 Answers
Dominique answered 3 years ago
Whenever I see anyone guarantee top ranking for casino terms I start running the other direction…..

Unless you are blackhat and excellent at that, it can’t be guaranteed.

SEOGenius answered 3 years ago
We are White Hat Only.
You make Good Point in general
But We know what it takes, and have great methodologies and proven experience to show top ranking.

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Top ranking for what exactly?

SEOGenius answered 3 years ago
For top competitive KW

CashCow answered 3 years ago
lol, ok I”ll take “online casino” for $500 please

webber286 answered 3 years ago
Ha ha. I’ll take “online poker” for $500.

SEOGenius answered 3 years ago
$500 Off any Package Price – read…

allfreechips answered 3 years ago
Ill pay after im #1 FOR “casino” name your price

webber286 answered 3 years ago
@SEOGenius 215967 wrote:

$500 Off any Package Price – read…

I think you failed to see the sarcasm in our responses. I hesitate to write this, but here goes.

You are making the claim that you can rank any random gambling website for top gambling keywords, and do it using “white hat” techniques. We’ve all been around this business for several years and know what it takes to attain top rankings in this industry, making your claims seem a little hard to believe. That said, you haven’t put forward the price for your services, nor a time line for achieving these results.

Care to elaborate? Or are you serious when you say you can get a website to the top of Google for the keyword “Casino”?

seodude answered 3 years ago
Don’t feed the beast. No ethical SEO makes a guarantee and there is no debating that point. Its the first thing I always tell people I work with. You can do everything right and still not rank for the desired terms. The only thing we can guarantee as SEO’s is that your site will conform to “best practices”.