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Link farms and the new SEO rules

Nathan asked 1 year ago
“You’re not building a sustainable competitive advantage when you pay for links,” writes Gab Goldenberg at WebProNews. Backlinks received via bulk “link farms” may provide a quick SEO boost, but the end result is that they’re probably not worth the risk. Read more here.
2 Answers
Rak answered 1 year ago
Posted this is another CAP thread about links…

This was posted by GaryTheScubaGuy on GPWA, sourced from Smart Insights Digital Marketing > The Marketing Strategy Blog


It’s from this article – and its a pretty good read – 3 post Google Farmer update link-building tips > Smart Insights Digital Marketing

Pretty Damn Good Read.

casinoplanet answered 1 year ago
@Rak 229331 wrote:

Pretty Damn Good Read.

Fully agree! Gary knows what he’s talking about.