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This site any good?

arkyt asked 1 year ago
Anyone heard of ah-ha ?

I of course have my own opinion just looking for different views.

3 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I have not re-tried them, but a year ago they were very very lousy.

Randy answered 1 year ago
They’re called Enhance now. (ah-ha is their old name.)

Similar quality and quantity traffic as Kanoodle. They will send you a ton of traffic cheap, and the quality will be poor, but you’ll see an occasional player, and probably lousy ROI.

Randy answered 1 year ago
I did a test with them this year and sent traffic directly to Golden Palace Casino. 2726 clicks. 5 downloads. 2 players. 5 fun players. 1 depositor.

So I averaged 1 download for every 545 clicks.