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About to start $5000 campaign with Casale – advice plz!

owldeath2 asked 1 year ago
I’ve been running a successful AdEngage campaign for several years but have been wanting to try new PPC services, I’m looking at Casale Media at the moment.

The thing is, with AdEngage I’m currently getting an excellent 5cents per text ad click on run of the network, but the lowest Casale have offered me is 70 cents! Now it’s clear that the quality would be better as they are a far more professional outfit targetting very large well-known advertisers, but I don’t think it will be this much better, only one way to find out I guess.

With Casale there will be a mixture of different ads – banners, pop-unders etc and the creatives will be mixed around to find the best converting one.

Any advice before I take this big step would be appreciated. – Is it a rip-off? – Will the quality be that much better? – Will the click fraud level be lower? – Why the huge discrepancy in price?

17 Answers
bingoadvantage answered 1 year ago

The packages look more geared toward brand recognition which is a different cup of tea.

Much of the graphics on the site are from

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
$5000 is the minimum. It wouldn’t be lost, just maybe wasted, I’m sure I’d get a good number of conversions even at a loss.

What’s istockphotos? why is that bad?

islandmaan answered 1 year ago
do a $100 test, or you may loose your entire $5,000

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Yup I went to the wrong site – sorry.

But I still couldn’t find any of the keywords you mentioned in top 10 google, and the site is clearly unfinished.

voodooman answered 1 year ago
OW–Did you see my post above? You went to the wrong Fast Payouts site. My has a hyphen between the words fast and payouts.

Let me know if you change your mind once you see the real site.

voodooman answered 1 year ago
Some terms:

“fast payout casinos”
“instant payout casinos”
“same day payout casinos”
“instant player payments”
“Big Kahuna Slots”
“Free Slots Spins”
“Credit Card Casinos”
“Double Exposure Blackjack”
“Pai Gow Poker”
“Caribbean Stud Poker”

etc etc.

I can give you a whole list if you PM me.

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
Which search terms is it in the top ten for?

voodooman answered 1 year ago
That site has 58 pages of content, free games and is in the Top 10 of Google and MSN and Yahoo for about a hundred gambling related terms. I achieved this by creating a site with no outgoing links, whatsoever. It converts visitors to Real Players at almost an 80% conversion ratio, as well. I have stats etc to prove traffic and income, also.

Also, PR no longer matters and does not have the effect it once had, nor does it affect the ranking of sites anymore (whether it did before is debatable.) It is also not updated currently by Google anymore either. And it has a PR of 2 in my Toolbar, but again this is no longer updated by Google as it was 1 or 2 years ago so you may see it differently.

Edit–> OW: I think you may have gone to x which is a page with 3 outgoing links instead of my site, which is: x (with a hyphen) LOL! If that’s what happened!

No wonder I sound like a douchebag <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> I wouldnt even pay $150 for that first site–you were being generous!

owldeath2 answered 1 year ago
If it’s the site i went to it has a pagerank of 0 and is just, nothing, a couple of links to other websites, there’s nothing there.

P.S. Offer it me for $150 and I’ll think about it.

voodooman answered 1 year ago
oldwealth–why am i funny?

It was a legit offer for a profitable site that I just dont have a lot of time to expand. What’s so funny about that? Next year that site will cost you 100K and will be earning 20K a month, minimum if I devote my efforts to it. You think thats funny? A lot of people pay dearly for a developed, non-sandboxed gambling site with traffic and income.

Waste your money if you want.

Good luck.

PS The price for you is now 15K.