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Backlinks anchor text

sharpgambler asked 1 year ago
I’m not sure about this. Maybe someone can comment.

I’m exchanging links with other sites and I’m using the title: “ – Casino Bonus and Reviews” for the anchor text.

Is it better to use only “Casino Bonus” instead? Does it make difference for the keyword casino bonus?

4 Answers
Anonymous answered 1 year ago
That’s a similar question to what I’ve been wondering myself – does it dilute the effectiveness of the anchor text if the anchor text is long.

I have read that you should have a few different syntax’s for your anchor text. For example, if your key phrase is “Casino Bonus”, you should set up backlink anchor text with different words, such as: “best casino bonus”, “internet casino bonus”, “casino bonus guide” and so on.

But does having a long anchor text containing more than one phrase dilute the backlink for the prases?

arkyt answered 1 year ago
Yes the exact phrase would be better as it has greater density with regards to the desired keywords. Your idea to change the text minimally with one / few words would also work well as you could potentially be targetting several phrases plus the primary one.

I normally try not to list links with targeted anchor unless its a good friend, even then it cant be outrageous. When someone request a link to their site for instance and wants me to link to them using “internet casinos” I wont do it! Doing so would be misleading to my visitors afterall the original use of links was for them and not SE rankings. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

sharpgambler answered 1 year ago
I agree that it is misleading, and the final result will be a links page with 50 results and only 3 different titles like internet casino, online casino, casino bonus. A lot of links with exactly the same title.

The problem here is your rank position on a search engine. If you have a lot of backlinks with anchor tag casino bonus you certainly will do better for that keywords than if you use

I do not like to use this kind of anchor text and that’s why I’m asking about the use of – Casino Bonus and Reviews. This title sounds reasonable to me, but I’m concerned with the SE’s.

Classics answered 1 year ago
“does it dilute the effectiveness of the anchor text if the anchor text is long.”


Put it this way, it wouldn’t make sense to value all the words in a link that was 100 or even 500 words long. I’d say any word after two has a big drop off. In your case, minimally I’d put the sharpgambler part last.