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The Importance of SEO

itay asked 2 years ago
Something I wrote 2 years ago (I think…) for the ones who don’t do SEO, yet <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

SEO is a method of marketing that improves your chances of attracting customers to your webpage. Understanding how to utilize search engine marketing is vital to your online business.

SEO, better known as search engine optimization, is designed to improve the rankings of your website in search engine listings. A search engine is where internet users type in keywords, phrases, or web addresses to find websites or information they are looking for. Popular search engines include Google, Yahoo and MSN.The purpose of search engine optimizing is to increase the number of people who visit your site, as well as attract quality visitors. One of the ways this is achieved is by using keywords. Effective keywording throughout your web content can improve your ranking in search engines, bumping you higher up on the list.The following are some additional reasons why seo is important to your business.

Did you know:* Over 90% of people who access the Net use search engines?* Hundreds of millions of searches are carried out on the Web every single day?* More than 70% of all Internet transactions begin with search engines?* More than 3 billion websites compete to gain the top ranking on search engines, and only fractions of a percent actually manage to make their mark on the first page?As you can see, search engine optimization is essential to an internet based business, it also is extremely competitive.Therefore, if you are not sure about how you can make the most of seo, there are ways in which you can educate yourself. For instance, a great program you can get involved in is “Search Engine Workshops”, hosted by seo experts Robin Nobles, John Alexander and Dave Barry.

These seo leaders have different workshops you can choose from depending on your level of search engine optimization understanding. However, regardless of what level you choose, these workshops will enable you to learn:* Up-to-date influences for building authentic relevancy * How to develop real top placement skills and improve your expertise in a short time.* Step-by-step, hands on instructions delivered to you by the seo experts. * Information that takes you beyond search engine marketing and delves into actually encouraging visitors to respond once they land on your site or see your listings.* Etc.For more information you’ll find it at The importance of seo shouldn’t be ignored, as it is extremely valuable to the success of any online company. Ultimately, your goal should be to rank number one on a search engine.

Good luck all.