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What Is Wrong With Google (Or with me…)

zadayaron asked 3 years ago
Hello All

I don’t know if you having the same problems with Google, But please let me share with you a little strage situation between my site and Google…

I have several sites that I promote, and with 3 of them I got the same problem.

I have promoted my gambling sites and manage very well, (In the Top 10 in very good keywords)

suddenly my index page is disappeared from Google SERP’s (Not Banned)
all of the innner pages are still visible in minor keywords.
I’m still getting cached and also my backward links increased in the last Google update…

I’m open for any kind of question

Please advice me, and let me know this situation

Thank you for your help

2 Answers
elgoog answered 3 years ago
we need to know the links to be able to observe it

and google likes the yo-yo alot nowadays…

itay answered 3 years ago
google is still working, let it rest and then see where you stand….and yes we would need url’s to give you more input.