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SEO Techniques with Marcus Tandler asked 2 years ago
Hey guys, check out our interview with SEO guru Marcus Tandler! He shares his thoughts on the notion that SEO is dead, and on link buying and other SEO techniques.

Link Building and other SEO Techniques ? Marcus Tindler Interview :

4 Answers
rmeeuwsen answered 2 years ago
Surely agree.

Getting real natural links is still the best way to get free traffic from SEO.

Other great points.

SportsBets4Free answered 2 years ago
Without a doubt <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Betting Apps answered 2 years ago
Yep – good interview and concur with what he had to say. Was he checking out the interviewer at 00:20 to 00:27? LOL

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edgarf76 answered 2 years ago
I like that video a lot. Just the concept of as long as there are ten results in google and they are some sort of algorithmically found seo is not dead. Building links on great websites that are relavent with excellent content is great.