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Why do these tiny sites rank so high? WTF

asked 3 years ago
This is interesting, go to google and search for:

  • slots
  • free slots
  • online slots
  • casino slots

It turns out that this site: comes up on page one for all of those terms. That is such a tiny site, just 5 little articles.

Then search:

  • online craps

This tiny page comes up: with like 100 words on it and 2 tiny articles. This site links to this one: comes up on page 1 of google for:

  • online slots

These tiny sites have URLs completly unrelated to gambling, tiny snippets of text that probably took 1 minute to write. Then there are these massive sites like Gooners Guide and Games and Casino that have been around for years with 1000s of pages about that stuff and not even on first page. I don’t get it.

I’m sure someone here has come across these small sites, maybe owns them… How did they do it?

7 Answers
Inspiration answered 3 years ago
Have a look at This

It has been a spammer

have a google on his CB affid

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Duly reported to google:

June 22, 2008

Thank you for submitting a spam report for this site: xxx

We take the quality of our results very seriously, and we thoroughly investigate every report of deceptive practices and take appropriate action when we uncover genuine abuse. In especially egregious cases, we will remove spammy websites from our index immediately, so they don’t show up in search results at all. At a minimum, we’ll use the data from each spam report to improve our site ranking and filtering algorithms, which, over time, should increase the quality of our results.

We appreciate your taking the time to help us improve our service for your fellow users around the world. By helping us eliminate spam, you’re saving millions of people time, effort and energy.

Tristan answered 3 years ago
Backlink spamming.

JackTen answered 3 years ago
Every now and then someone finds a way to manipulate google. I remember one time it involved having millions of videos linking to your site. Stuff like that.

It always gets you banned.

antoine answered 3 years ago
You can get a nonrelated website to rank for anything if you have enough links pointing to it. I have seen a pharmacy website rank for a casino term in the past.

james answered 3 years ago
dont forget – how old the domain is and what previous traffic it had also counts. there’s always ways around google and there’s still many a blackhat out there looking for routes in. after all – its all about money. good spot. lets hope it gets sorted.

Stupid answered 3 years ago
Those are actualy old domain names with previous good websites. The owner could have given up on the domain or forgot to renew and another one buys it. Since the domain already has plenty of links pointing to it, it takes a while for Google to remove it from their DBs, hence it temporarily ranks it on whatever theme the site currently has.

It’s a good short-term strategy, but it fails in the long run. It’s an odd trick but not really spam, at least not more than link exchanges are considered spam.