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Google’s new patent

elgoog asked 1 year ago

“Algorithm based search results will continue to be problematic because there will always be those who try to beat the system. Implementing some sort of human editorial opinion into the ranking process seems inevitable.”


“Basically, Google is trying to patent a system for identifying good sites and bad sites in order to rank them accordingly in the SERPs.”

Is there finally hope spammy sites will be penalized?

google’s spamguiide:

2 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
Google will get rid of spam sites as they exist today, no doubt.

It’s only taking this long because they don’t want innocents caught in the net.

Of course there will always be new types of spammers… this type of house cleaning will go on indefinitely and the best we can do is not promote places that pay spammers to spam.

TheGooner answered 1 year ago
Ok ..

Am I the only one thinking that Google seem to spend more time worried about advertising and patents than actually producing a good list of search engine results these days?

You are taking your eye off the ball Google …